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With the Strategy Kit, you will learn how think, design and validate business ideas for your mobile app idea 

How Does It Work?

We deliver the Strategy Kit for you to start thinking and acting on your idea as the world class entrepreneurs do.

The Steps

  1. Send us your contact info.

  2. We will contact you for an initial conversation.
  3. If both parties believe it is a great fit, we will send the Strategy Kit for a discounted price*. 
    NOTE: We are offering 50% discount until December 2019. In exchange we will ask your feedback to help us improve the Strategy Kit.

  4. Once you receive the Strategy Kit, we will get you setup with the tools and process to start thinking strategically about your business or product idea. Once you are ready, we will kick off the weekly sessions for 3 months.

I’m a full-stack digital product designer, writer, and strategist helping startups, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking product teams launch new digital products and businesses. I’ve led product design initiatives and teams at agencies in Japan and the U.S., multiple early-stage hardware and software startups, as well as Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Digging the Strategy Kit?
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They are one of my go-to referrals for early stage companies that want to build the first version of an app.
They were professional and dedicated throughout the process

What's the Strategy Kit?

The Strategy Kit is a box that gets delivered for you to start learning and working on your idea as the world class entrepreneurs do.

Each Kit Includes:

  • Lifetime access to our growing community of entrepreneurs.
  • Our Strategy Process.
  • Foundation Books.
  • Innovation Tactics Cards.
  • Access to Collaborative Tools & Examples.
  • 3 months of weekly coaching sessions via video conference.

Sebastian Pereyro

I'm an entrepreneur, systems and software engineer with a passion for understanding technologies and collaborating with people. Always looking for ways to improve by learning from formal education, hands on experience and interaction with others, constantly aiming to achieve amazing results, in both personal and professional contexts by embracing open communication and collaboration.

Kevin Korpi

You guys are rockstars. We couldn't have done it without your support
Who Is It For?
We have developed the Strategy Kit for Entrepreneurs who:

- Have a business or product idea, but are not sure how to move forward.

Are not familiar with state of the art methods to think strategically about an idea.

Are eager to learn and put the effort required to build a solid strategic business foundation.

- Are hard workers and determined to succeed.
Learn More

Picture of the Strategy Kit content. Books included in the Kit are:

  • What Do You Do With An Idea? (Inspiration)
  • Business Model Generation (Business Modeling)
  • Value Proposition Design (Product Market Fit)
  • Ten Types of Innovation (Innovation Framework)
  • The Four Steps to The Epiphany (Customer Development)

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